Friday, May 25, 2007

Driving Force to Living

To some the act of living is so tasking that the will to die become adapted to the modes of suicide, killing others and madness. Take my friend, Simon, for example, for the past 28years of his life he had things done for him by one staff or the other in his dad's 20+ room monstrousity of a home they lived at.

On getting up everythuing was layed out in sychronized order for his pleasure: His bath was ready, the water must be just rhe right temperatures he wants, clothes pressed and ready when he gets out and every other things should be well arranged. Getting on his wrong side meant lossing one's job for sure.

Flash forward to 3yrs back, a deal his dad did got him sandwich in the net of the law and his 'business colleagues' with him loss that high monetary status he (the father) enjoyed. What this translate for my friend was he no longer had the privileged life he once had and the whole 'good life' theme was dashed in 2yrs of mismanagement and legal trials that followed the discoveries that were made as regards his dad's dealings and crimes.

I got into his life about then with him in such a bad state and fully prepared to throw his life out the door because, as he told me, "Life has failed me". As it truly? That was the first question I asked him after hearing the 'pathetic sequence to his state' as he relayed it to me. My reaction, though silent, was 'You are killing me', for he was. Why was he? is another story which we'll keep for another time.

My story is to tell how life is made or ruined with the ideals and ideas we develop when we see things right and not understanding when they go wrong. Yes, life became difficult for him. Yes, his entourage of loyalist and 'slaves' were gone. Yes, he was not privileged and respected as he 'should be' any more. He failed woefully to see that he could and did adapt to living below his usual standards.

Let me explain, I met him in is simpler life with little but he could now take care of his toiletry needs. He was well adapted at fending for himself, he was in one of the the worst 'cult' infested school in the country with many sons of his father business partners and enemy. He was making raved grades and performances in both school and out-of-school activities. In a nutshell is life was GREAT, but his complain was? The world was too small for his need, or according to me his EGO.

I first saw him when I saw him at one popular shopping mall crying but my curiousity pushed me too far because his reason for crying became the tone of our friendship... "The fifty thousand buck shoes I wanted was not comfortable enough". My mouth stayed opened for about 5minutes with my brain working on for about 2months trying to figure out why this young handsome boy was about to waste that much money to buy what he can't wear.

To water a long story down, we got to talking,though I couldn't get his mind of the shoes, and our friendship was formed. For me he would show me how to spend it which I could never get myself to do while try to stop him killing himself which he was hell bent on doing. While he saw me as his 'chaperone' a title I still can't quite understand up till this day, one year after his successful suicide attempt. Details I wont want to share with anyone as I was there to see it happen to him.
But one thing I learnt from him is this, 'Life is an acquire taste', all one need is to accept, adapt and advance with every new or changing trends they observe as the the day goes by...

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